In today’s Gospel we read about how a resurrected Jesus appeared before the disciples. At first they were overcome by fear and disbelief, but upon seeing the wounds of the passion on His hands and feet, His disciples experienced an extraordinary surge of energy. They realized ever more clearly that their experience with Jesus had meaning beyond measure. That this small band of farmers and fishermen, who had struggled all their lives to survive at the margins of a desperately poor colony in the periphery of the Roman Empire—that these courageous people went forth to change the world and succeeded—this is the real miracle and enduring significance of the Resurrection.

“Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, so I send you.”
—John 20:21

In the remote, poverty-stricken areas CMMB serves, our community health volunteers are following in the footsteps of Jesus’ disciples, trying to change the world in their own way, one mother, one child, one act of kindness at a time.

Elizabeth, a Community Health Volunteer working with local women in Kenya

Elizabeth, left, is a Community Health Volunteer in Kenya

Elizabeth is a community health volunteer in a small village in Kenya’s Kitui South county. She conducts home visits, registering and referring pregnant women for antenatal care and deliveries and identifying children who are in need of immunizations. Elizabeth and her family don’t have much but that doesn’t stop her from giving back to her community. She has two children of her own but finds time to visit the households under her care, often traveling long distances.

Ruth, who is one of the women Elizabeth regularly visits, was born with a developmental disability and has a 12-year-old son. Due to her disability, Ruth finds it difficult to work and provide for her son, so they often had to beg in the market for food. Elizabeth would give her food rations when she could but it was clear they needed more.

Ruth and her son, Rural Kenya

Ruth with her son in rural Kenya

Through Elizabeth’s help, Ruth’s son was placed in our Angel Investor Program. With the support of an Angel Investor, the boy is able to eat nutritious meals and attend school. But much more than that, for Ruth and her son there’s now hope for the future.

Community health volunteers are selfless beings that are energized by their love of others and their dedication to saving the lives of women and children in their communities. They are living disciples of Jesus.

In grace and peace,

CMMB/Healthier Lives Worldwide

*Today’s reflection was inspired by Desmond Fitzgerald, a member of CMMB’s Board of Directors.

These Children Are Struggling Due to Poverty
Consider Becoming Their Angel

Jeffrey, 3

Jeffrey sitting in the doorway of his home in Haiti. He needs an Angel Investor for food and water.

Dafka, 2

Dafkie is a girl in Haiti that needs an Angel Investor. Her twin, Dafka does as well.

Dafka (left) and her twin sister Dafkie (right)

Mike, 3 months

Mike at home, waking up from a nap