Charity Navigator is the nation’s largest and most-utilized evaluator of charities. They have developed an unbiased, objective, numbers-based rating system to assess over 9,000 of America’s best-known and some lesser known, but worthy, charities.

In 2020, CMMB ranked in the top 10 of the “Best Charities Everyone’s Heard Of” category.


 Rank  Top 10 Charities  Score
 1  Direct Relief 100.00
 2  Ronald McDonald House Charities, Inc. 100.00
 3  Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. 100.00
 4 Matthew 25: Ministries 100.00
 5 The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International 99.40
 6 World Resources Institute 98.23
 7 Vitamin Angels 98.23
 8 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation 98.21
 9 Catholic Medical Mission Board 97.87
 10 Patient Advocate Foundation 96.66

“Charitable givers should feel confident that these national institutions put their donations to good use.” —Charity Navigator

The 2020 rankings account for CMMB’s exceptional financial management, especially in the context of the size and scope of our operations. Charity Navigator has given CMMB a top four-star rating nine years in a row. A more detailed explanation Charity Navigator’s rating methodology is available here on their website.

We are honored to be recognized for our commitment to efficiency while serving women and children around the world.