Diana is a volunteer with the programs team at CMMB

My mom’s name:


I am Celebrating My Mother Because:

She’s simply amazing! We argue like little kids, talk like adults, and gossip about boys, drama, fashion. She is literally my best friend.

How my mother has inspired me:

My mother has inspired me in so many ways. When she was younger she wanted to go to school so bad, but her parents couldn’t afford to send her. Her desire was so strong that she started working at the age of eight. She would work an entire year to pay for school for the next. It took her a long time to get through school but she made it through high school. She was always the oldest one in her classes but she didn’t care because she was doing what was important to her. I didn’t realize how privileged I was receiving free education, until my mom told us her story, which has inspired me to always put my best efforts into what I’m doing.