Planning Your Legacy

Updating your estate plan or creating a Will is easy to do and will ensure the people and organizations you care most about, like CMMB, are provided for as you intend. In just 20 minutes you can complete your easiest resolution by using our free toolkit here.

Through proper planning, you can leave a legacy of love and care for your family while serving the most vulnerable with CMMB—such as helping health facilities like Bishop Joseph Sullivan Hospital in Haiti. CMMB’s free Estate Planning Guide is designed to help you move forward with a plan that writes a very good chapter in the book of your life.

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To speak with a CMMB representative in confidence about estate panning, please click here to email us or visit our to learn about other ways of giving.

Bishop Jospeh Sullivan Center for Health hospital in southeast Haiti in July 2020.

Estate Planning Helps Health Facilities like Bishop Joseph Sullivan Hospital in Haiti

CMMB works in countries with some of the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the world. A lack of access to quality healthcare leads to these high numbers, endangering the health of both pregnant women and children.

Globally, our maternal health programs focus on keeping expectant mothers and their babies healthy, and alive. At the Bishop Joseph Sullivan Hospital (BJSH), mothers receive free pre- and post-natal care. These important check-ups help identify risks, and when necessary, treat complications before they become deadly.

Bishop Joseph Sullivan Hospital is a source of hope for the community.

Your generosity allows doctors, nurses, and health workers at the hospital save lives every day. In addition, your support provides necessary equipment for nurse anesthesiologists to make delivery by C-section available at no cost for women living in poverty. Bishop Joseph Sullivan Hospital is a source of hope for the community. We are really thankful to have great donors and dedicated health providers helping to save thousands of lives,” said Dorothy Emilem, an anesthesiologist and CMMB project officer in Haiti.

By providing these services at the hospital, we are keeping women and babies safe and healthy in Côtes-de-Fer, Haiti and surrounding communities.