In today’s reading, Jesus teaches us about preparedness, patience, and the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven through the parable of the ten virgins.

The story begins with 10 virgins, preparing to celebrate the marriage of a couple. They each carry with them an oil lamp, but only five bring an extra flask of oil. When they arrive at the celebration, the groom is not yet there. Hours pass by and the virgins become tired and drift to sleep. Finally, there’s news that the long-delayed groom is soon to arrive, but the oil in their lamps have run out.

The five wise virgins light their lamps with the extra oil they packed and set off to greet the groom. But the foolish virgins, who did not pack additional oil, run off to purchase more. By the time they return, the groom has arrived, the feast has begun, and the doors to the celebration are locked.

“Lord, Lord, open the door for us!” said the virgins. But the groom replied, “Amen, I say to you, I do not know you. Therefore, stay awake, for you know neither the day nor the hour.”

In one interpretation of this parable, the groom represents the Lord and the feast the Kingdom of Heaven. It teaches us that the moment in which the Son of Man will return cannot be predicted, but we must remain prepared for when it does—even though it may never take place in our lifetime.

At CMMB, preparedness, patience and trust in God are at the heart of what we do. We work every day towards a world vision that will take decades and decades to achieve. Our programs and initiatives today are laying the vital groundwork for those who follow in our footsteps. And though the final outcome of our hard work has yet to come, it’s the moments of success in between—the hospitals we expand, the medicine we provide, the lives we save—that inspire us to keep going.

A mother and baby in Kenya in the darkness in June 2020.

Our CHAMPS, Children and Mothers Partnerships, program is this mission at work. Through a defined series of activities that act as our stepping-stones, we’re laying the groundwork for a world in which mothers, children, and their communities can live healthy and dignified lives.

CHAMPS directs our efforts in a series of pathways focused on prevention and treatment, health-system strengthening, and economic empowerment. If you would like to learn more about our CHAMPS program and how it helps women and children simply click HERE to read more.

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