In today’s Gospel, Jesus offers religious leaders guidance through another parable. In the story of a landowner and his tenants, Jesus speaks of the Kingdom of Heaven and who will reap its fruit and live with faith. 

Jesus describes a landowner, returning to his vineyard come time for harvest. He has leased the land to tenants and sends his workers to go collect the rent. When the first workers go, the tenants refuse to pay and respond with violence. The same events unfold when the landowner sends another group of workers.  

Finally, the landowner decides to send his own son to collect rent. The tenants, however, react with the same violence. 

As Jesus often does, he poses a question to his listeners: “What will the owner of the vineyard do to those tenants when he comes?” 

Their response is unanimous and concludes with new, trustworthy tenants tending to the owner’s land.  

Through our readings, we know the symbolism of this parable well. The vineyard represents the Kingdom of Heaven and the landowner God. The Kingdom of Heaven is for the faithful—for those who live the word of God and produce its fruit.  

There are many ways one might live their faith. At CMMB, we live our faith through service and in the example of Jesus.