Through CMMB’s signature program, Children and Mothers Partnerships (CHAMPS), we develop long-term health solutions for women, children, and their communities.

CMMB supports CHAMPS communities across Haiti, Peru, South Sudan, and Zambia. Each community faces its own unique health challenges. That’s why we work with community health workers and local governments to understand these diverse barriers to health. Our CHAMPS interventions include treatment and prevention of disease, promotion of quality and accessible maternal, newborn, and child healthcare services, and strengthened access to clean water and sanitation.

Tracking Impact

CHAMPS communities are not only expanding access to health for themselves; they are promoting new perceptions about health. Mothers are seeking hospital deliveries. Children are staying healthy with reliable access to safe water. CHAMPS’ goal of improving health outcomes and reducing maternal and child morbidity and mortality can only be achieved if pregnant women and caregivers:

  1. Are knowledgeable on behaviors that keep them and their children healthy,
  2. If their attitudes towards those health behaviors agree with what will improve the health of them and their families, and
  3. If their practices reflect the knowledge of and agreement with health behaviors through their actions.

In 2021, CMMB conducted phase one of a Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices survey (KAP). The survey targeted pregnant women and caregivers of children under five and featured 121 questions aimed at understanding if participants were knowledgeable in, accepting of, and active in practices that supported the health and well-being of their families.

Questions ranged across primary health topics, including prenatal health, neonatal health, communicable diseases, water and sanitation, HIV, etc. They survey was collected in four local languages, and results were analyzed in PowerBI and R statistical software. The responses went on to advise our future CHAMPS activities.

In 2023, we revisited those same 121 questions to measure if responses had changed, after two years of implementing CHAMPS. The results indicate that with health resources accessible and trusted, CHAMPS communities are prioritizing their health.

Survey Highlights

Between 2021 and 2023 in our CHAMPS communities:

  • Knowledge about healthy foods for infants increased by 36%
  • Individuals were 9% more likely to identify all lifesaving actions to prevent pneumonia
  • Mothers and caregivers were 5% more likely to recognize danger signs during childbirth
  • Mothers and caregivers who can recognize newborn symptoms that require immediate medical care increased by 7%

These are just a few of our notable findings. To further explore our results, click here, to view or on the image below, to view our interactive dashboard of our findings. We look forward to sharing more of the impact our CHAMPS program makes possible.