A CMMB-supported community health worker Angelica and her son Samuel in Peru. Angelica is in charge of guiding and counseling a group of community women on health and nutrition. (Omar Lucas for CMMB)

When Cylone Yaku unleashed torrents of rain and damaging winds on Peru this past March, Raquel’s home—where she lives with her three children—was in its path. Raquel and her family lost everything, including their home.

Yet Raquel is incredibly resilient. In the face of this loss, she knew that her community desperately needed her. As a CMMB-trained community health worker, Raquel is committed to supporting the health and well-being of her neighbors—in times of crisis and beyond. Helping others has been her passion ever since she first learned about CMMB.

Raquel first came to CMMB when she was pregnant, seeking information on how best to care for her new child. Inspired by what she learned, Raquel wanted to share her knowledge with other mothers. That’s why when offered the opportunity to become a community health worker, she joyfully accepted. Today, she has witnessed, first-hand, how CMMB supports healthier children—and healthy childhoods lead to healthier families and communities.

For seven years, Raquel has volunteered as a community health worker. She began by investing in prenatal education and childhood health in her community through home visitations, educating expectant mothers on nutrition, sanitation, and how to ensure a healthy start for their children. During her time as a health worker, she added a vaccine program, provided support for elderly and the disabled, and had taken a leadership role training two workers under her.

Raquel is just one of the incredible health workers supported by CMMB, doing lifesaving work in their communities around the world—through your generous support. Your help provides Raquel with educational information, medication and medical supplies, and food for a “common pot” food-sharing program.

Thank you for supporting Raquel and thank you for your commitment to health and human dignity for our brothers and sisters around the world.