Nzara, South Sudan


The world’s worst health indicators in child and maternal mortality characterize South Sudan’s dire health situation. With inadequate funding, failing infrastructure, and limited trained healthcare professionals, building sustainable health solutions is crucial. CMMB’s initiatives at St. Theresa Mission Hospital are vital in addressing health barriers and improving local communities’ well-being.

Funding Partners

St. Theresa Mission Hospital is funded by partners



Our work at St. Theresa Hospital supports three key areas: infrastructure expansion, staff training, and equipment donations. These initiatives aim to enhance healthcare services, particularly in obstetric, neonatal, and pediatric care, which are urgently needed to save lives.

Infrastructure Expansion:

  • Surgical theater with two operating rooms
  • 28-bed surgical ward
  • 20-bed maternity ward and delivery room
  • Neonatal care unit
  • Eye clinic
  • Dental unit (construction ongoing)

Staff Training:

  • Programming for medical, nursing, paramedical, administrative, and support staff.
  • Building capacity in comprehensive emergency obstetric and newborn care, including in-person mentoring and hybrid programs.
  • Integrated training for boma health workers (community health workers) to strengthen the referral systems between communities and clinics.

Equipment Donations:

  • Medical equipment to improve quality of care during birth and in the first 24 hours of life
  • Four-wheel drive ambulances to reach remote areas
  • Investment in technical equipment and staff for operationalizing blood bank, laboratory services, and more