Dr. Harry Owens, Jr., MD holds degrees in Biology and Medicine from St. Louis University, and a Masters in International Management (MIM) from the Thunderbird Garvin Graduate School of International Management. Currently a CMMB medical volunteer assigned to Nzara Hospital in South Sudan, “Dr. Harry” has spent many years working in family and emergency medicine, and international health, first in the Alaskan Arctic with the Eskimos, and then extensively overseas in remote, developing world countries including the Brazilian Amazon and jungles of Africa.

Dr. Harry is one of the most passionate doctors that CMMB has the pleasure to have in South Sudan, and he brings joy to all the members in the organisation. Dr. Harry made his home in a little cabin on the McKenzie River, Oregon, and in any given year, he makes time for wilderness hiking and camping and occasionally participates in group wilderness trips, teaching wilderness medicine and survival.

Dr. Harry tells us what he most thankful for when during his time in CMMB: “I am grateful for the opportunity to serve in areas that need assistance, and for my personal good health that allows me to do this. Every day is a day to be thankful for.”