I am the resurrection and the life. – John 11:1-45

Jesus’ promise of eternal life is a central element of our Catholic faith. Even though Easter is still two weeks away, today’s Gospel reminds us of Jesus’ power over death. In the story of Lazarus, we anticipate Jesus’ conquering of death once and for all in his death and Resurrection. It’s common for Christians to use examples to help describe the mystery of our faith. Jesus himself talked about the seed that dies when planted in the ground in order to produce new life (John 12:24). We think baby Mark is another example.

In our work, we see faith tested every day. This summer in Kenya, we met baby Mark and his grieving father, Daniel. Like thousands of other vulnerable infants, Mark lost his mother due to complications during his birth. The family’s remote home is very far from the nearest health facility. Daniel was feeling desperate and hopeless. There was no way he could afford the formula and healthcare that Mark needed to thrive. Without help, the baby would surely die.

Prayer and faith are powerful forces. Surely a guardian angel was looking out for Mark. An anonymous donor came forward to supply the baby with all the formula he needed. Kristin in Illinois saw Mark’s photo and was moved to become his Angel Investor. With her support, Daniel can take Mark to the clinic whenever he needs care and you can see that today, Mark is healthy and strong.

When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, he showed his power over death. Mark’s mother died giving him life, but in this little boy’s chubby cheeks and smiling face, we find hope and confidence in Jesus, the Resurrection and life eternal.

*Today’s reflection is adapted from and inspired by the Loyola Press Sunday Connection.

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