We write to you on Easter Sunday with the hope that this season of renewal will bring with it peace for our brothers and sisters facing crises around the world.

As we reflect on today’s Gospel and the important moment the Resurrection of Jesus represents in our faith, we are drawn to Mary of Magdala’s reaction to discovering Jesus’ empty tomb. Consider what she might have felt…

She was undoubtedly surprised. But perhaps she felt uncertain, worried, or even scared. At a time when there were no answers, faith stepped in. At CMMB, when we think about the Haitian people, the months of escalating violence they have endured, and the lack of answers or solutions, we too turn to our faith. The words below are from CMMB President & CEO Mary Beth Powers. They remind us that despite our fears or worries, hope prevails.

As the situation in Haiti continues to deteriorate, it is hard to picture a different future. I feel uncertain, worried, and scared for my colleagues in Haiti. But still, I have hope in this turbulent time.

The love and care embodied by our team in Haiti gives me hope. As does their dedication to service despite extraordinary pressures.

My faith gives me hope. When I can’t see the way forward, I often turn to prayer. My colleagues in Haiti asked us to pray for them, and I do pray for their safety—for every single person, every single day. I pray for an end to the violence and space for peace. I pray that people remember more of what unites them than what divides them.

Pope Francis calls on us to be “people who propose hope with their way of welcoming, smiling, loving. Especially loving: because the strength of the resurrection makes Christians able to love even when love seems to have lost its reasons…”

On this Easter Sunday, and in the faithful days that follow, join CMMB in choosing hope—for our brothers and sisters in places like Haiti, the Holy Land, Ukraine, and more. Too many around the world are living day-by-day amid conflict. As Pope Francis reminds us, “no night is endless…”

I wish you and your family a blessed and hopeful Easter.