Dr. Matthew Jones is a UK-trained doctor and one of our international volunteers. He is based in South Sudan where he is serving at the St. Theresa Hospital. Since arriving, Matthew has been capturing his experiences in video diaries.

In this episode, Dr. Matthew talks about the many challenges St. Theresa Hospital faces, among the most prominent is a lack of resources. This makes treating life-threatening infections, like meningitis, that much riskier. As a result, communities unfortunately, have a lack of faith when it comes to seeking professional medical help. Many, choose to seek help from native healers instead.

Dr. Charles Tobin has too often witnessed families demanding the discharge of their children before treatment is properly administered. Days later, the families return with the somber news of their child’s passing.

This is why Luca’s story is so important for this community.

It is not our success, but it is a success that comes from the understanding of the family who gave us the chance to treat this child. – Dr. Charles Tobin


Luca was brought to the hospital and diagnosed with meningitis. His family, upon hearing the diagnosis, were torn. Some wanted Luca to remain in the hospital and others demanded his discharge. Ultimately, Luca’s uncle stepped in and determined it was best for Luca to remain in the hospital. As a result, Luca was treated, properly discharged, and is set to make a full recovery.

It is successes like these, explained Luca’s uncle that need to be shared with the community. In the hopes of triggering more families to seek care at the hospital, Luca’s uncle shares a public information campaign to reassure his community in the capabilities of the hospital.

Follow Dr. Matthew’s journey in South Sudan