In today’s Gospel, Jesus and his disciples embark on a journey across the sea. When a violent storm strikes, the disciples are overwhelmed with fear. Jesus on the other hand remains asleep unbothered by the turbulent waves around him. The disciples fear they will not see the storm through. 

If you were on the boat with Jesus, how might you react in this situation? The disciples wake Jesus up and question why he has such little concern for their well-being. Jesus quells the wind and the sea and turns to his disciples to say, “Why are you terrified? Do you not yet have faith?” 

These words resonate deeply with us at CMMB. In our work to deliver healthier lives worldwide, we face obstacles that seem insurmountable at times—lack of resources, fragile health infrastructure, and more.  

Jesus’ words remind us to hold tight to our faith. Because our mission requires patience, perseverance, and lasting commitment no matter what the obstacle is. But our mission also requires you. Thank you for your faith in our mission and for your dedication to helping us to see it through.