October 16 is World Food Day, a day to call attention to the state of hunger across the planet, and to encourage collective action to ensure a food secure world for all.

A world where a child can focus during class because they are no longer hungry. A world where a farmer no longer has to try to coax crops to grow on their parched plot of land due to the impact of climate change. A world where a mother can afford the cooking oil that she once used to prepare meals for her family.

Before people can act, they need to know. Can we count on you to share these five facts about World Food Day with your networks? Together, we can help the world move toward ensuring nutritious food is equitable and accessible to all.

1) We are in the middle of a global hunger crisis—and it’s growing.

The United Nations reports that as many as 828 million people were affected by hunger in 2021.

2) Conflict around the world is worsening the hunger crisis.

Food prices were already rising due to the pandemic. The war in Ukraine—which is considered one of the world’s major breadbaskets—is driving prices up further. The conflict is also disrupting supply chains, limiting availability in some of the world’s most food-insecure countries.

3) When it comes to food security, there’s a noticeable gender gap.

In 2021, the gap rose by 4%, leaving 31.9% of women around the world moderately or severely food insecure compared to 27.6% of men.

4) Breastfeeding is essential in the fight against hunger.

More than 820,000 children’s lives could be saved annually with proper breastfeeding.

5) 17% of food around the world goes to waste.

The implications of food waste are far reaching. Food waste hurts the sustainability of our global food system. It negatively impacts availability and can drive up the cost of food resources.

You can help save lives. Please give today.