One does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes forth from the mouth of God.” – Matthews 4:1-11

In today’s Gospel, Jesus spends 40 days in the desert and has an encounter with Satan. To resist the devil’s temptations, Jesus draws on his religious upbringing and traditions. As a human, Jesus lived his Jewish beliefs. During Lent, it’s important for us as parents, grandparents and God parents to share the Christian traditions of charity, love and mercy with our own children.

Luca lives in New York City. Just before he turned five, Luca’s mom asked him to make a list of all the presents he’d like for his birthday. The list was long and included lots of toys. At the bottom of the list, Luca wrote, “I also want a better world.” The first part of the list was easy to manage between Luca’s family and friends. But the last request? Luca’s parents thought long and hard about the ways a little boy could make a difference.

A friend suggested, “Why doesn’t Luca become a CMMB Angel Investor? He can sponsor a child his own age.” On his birthday, Luca’s photo of little Rafael and the story of his life in Haiti was the perfect gift. Now a big boy of six, Luca’s head is often filled with thoughts of Rafael. When Luca is feeling lonely or discouraged, Luca’s mother reminds her son that he is making it possible for Rafael to have a good dinner and go to school. Luca is already learning that it feels good to help another person. Luca’s parents have learned that the many temptations of a privileged life can be put into perspective by talking to Luca about Rafael and how little it takes to make him happy.

It’s so easy to become absorbed by the “stuff” in our busy lives, that we are tempted to ignore those around us. We can become blind to the poor and suffering who surround us every day. Sometimes the simple request of a child is all it takes for us to find a way to make a change, and do something good.

Please enjoy a special prayer card for Lent as a thank you for being part of our global community of faith.

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This Lent, Help the Most Vulnerable.

*Today’s reflection is adapted from and inspired by the Loyola Press Sunday Connection.