Capturing Moments

Below are a collection of moments captured during the dedication of CMMB’s new Bishop Joseph M. Sullivan Center for Health (BJSH) – the only hospital in the remote and impoverished community of Côtes-de-Fer, Haiti


We know these moments will be remembered for a lifetime by all those present at the dedication. Thank you to all the donors and partners, as well as the Mercy Health mission team, who joined us to celebrate this historic event.

You can never know the true value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.

Bishop Sansaricq speaking at the dedication dinner

Bishop Guy A. Sansaricq, Diocese of Brooklyn, offering the opening prayer and reflection at the celebratory reception in Port-au-Prince



A Mercy health volunteer takes stock of the pharmacy at the new hospital in Haiti.

Erin Nester, a Mercy Health volunteer, is seen here hard at work archiving the various medicines donated to BJSH.

A volunteer takes the blood pressure of one of the patients at a new hospital in Haiti

Loretta Burgei, a Mercy Health volunteer, takes the blood pressure of a patient at BJSH.

Mercy Health volunteers at the new hospital in Haiti

Dr. Dianne Jean Francois, CMMB’s country director in Haiti, briefs Erin, Loretta, Loubens, and Mark on their roles for the opening of BJSH. The Mercy Health Missionaries also received a tour of the facility and were introduced to the staff of BJSH.

Inspecting hospital beds at the new health center in Haiti.

Dr. Stephen, Loubens, Mark, and Michelle inspect and help set-up the patient beds at BJSH.

A baby holds in newborn at the opening of a new hospital in Cotes-de-Fer Haiti.

Half way through the morning, 30 patients had already checked in and registered.  The first mom and newborn arrived, right after giving birth at home and taking a car ride to the health center. After Dr. Laguerre examined mom and baby, the first IV was performed by Mercy Health volunteers Nadia and Loretta.

A pharmacist provides medication to residents in Haiti.

Demar, the hospital’s pharmacist, provides patients with their medications after being processed through the hospital.

A volunteer stands with a patient at a new hospital in Haiti.

Loretta Burgei stands with a patient undergoing treatment at BJSH.

Several visitors wait to be seen with their children. at a new hospital in Haiti.

Smiles at the opening of BJSH! Several visitors wait to be seen with their children. Dr. Herbert Schumm, another Mercy Health volunteer, can be seen in the background.

Here a patient waiting at the hospital does a happy dance in celebration of the new center for health!

A patient at the hospital picks up her medication at the pharmacy.

A patient at the hospital picks up her medication from Demar and Darcelin Jean at the pharmacy.

Nick from America Media captures words of thanks at the dedication

Mylove and Kerby with their mom, Cleyese at their home near Cotes-de-fer, Haiti.

Mylove and Kerby with their mom, Cleyese at their home near Côtes-de-Fer, Haiti. The family is part of our the Angel Investor program, which provides the most vulnerable families with the extra support they need to overcome their level of vulnerability. Mylove has an Angel Investor who is supporting her food and water needs. Additionally, they now have access to the BJSH. Her mother gave birth to her son Kerby at the CMMB-affiliated health center next to our office in Côtes-de-Fer. Their lives are improving significantly now that they are part of our programs.

The pink and purple hat being worn by baby Kerby was knitted by Rosaria Rechichi, a trustee of The Agnes Varis Charitable Trust and widow of Giovanni Rechichi. The surgicial wing of the hopsital was named after Giovanni in recognition of the $1 million+ donation made to the BJSH though The Agnes Varis Charitable Trust.

At the front desk of the hospital.

Patients receiving medication.

Food is ready to be served for the hardworking Mercy Health volunteers!

The first baby at the hospital.

Stocking the pharmacy.

The wonderful Mercy Health volunteers + CMMB staff.

A patient at the hospital.

Putting the final touches on the roof of the health center.

Doing inventory on the health center’s pharmacy.

One of the first patients being seen at the hospital.

Mercy Health volunteers and CMMB staff stand in front of the hospital.




There’s time for taking in the beautiful view, too.


Smiles for being healthy and happy!

The hospital will provide care to more than 50,000 residents who previously had to travel 3 hours to access a hospital.

Ribbon cutting at the dedication of the hospital in Haiti.

Ribbon cutting at the dedication of the BJSH in Haiti.

Everyone who travelled to Haiti for the dedication leaned into to give this truck a push

On the way back to Port-au-Prince, after the dedication, a bus carrying many guests encountered a broken down truck. Everyone got out to give a push.


 The Juste family who live in Côtes-de-Fer. They will now have access to the health center.

From Inside the Hospital: check out this short video!


Read reflections from those who went on the trip:

A Dose of Healthcare for Haiti’s Poor on Med Shadow by Su Robotti


“So often these days we are confronted with social problems that seem unfair and insurmountable. Both my mother and I left Haiti feeling optimistic that though we cannot solve all the world’s problems, there is a small corner of the world that maybe will be better off having been touched by humanity’s empathy. We were proud to be included in YOUR efforts. Congratulations for an amazing accomplishment!” – Grazia R. Svokos

“If you can translate hope into a concrete form, The Bishop Joseph M Sullian Health Center was its best expression. As cathedrals represented heaven to the poor of the middle ages, this was the equivalent for the people of Cotes-de-Fer.  It was more than a promise of health care, it was victory over the forces of darkness; it was testimony to the human spirit and to the conviction that together all things are possible.” – Fran Sullivan, sister of Bishop Joseph Sullivan