In 2023, CMMB launched its Innovation Fund. A special opportunity to pursue new solutions to challenges facing our communities, partners, and staff, the Innovation Fund allocated resources to six new projects—deepening our worldwide impact.  

The projects are diverse. Some proposed expansions of existing programs and others developed entirely new interventions. They all will leave a lasting impact. 

Unfolding around the world

In Kenya, CMMB is linking hard-to-reach health facilities with a main referral hospital through telemedicine. The goal: enhance health worker perception and skills, support timely diagnosis in last-mile facilities, and decrease delay and cost of patient travel.    

In Peru, CMMB is making sure no mother walks alone. In coordination with our Children and Mothers Partnership (CHAMPS) Program, we are integrating mental health support as a primary element of maternal and newborn care.  

In South Sudan, we are strengthening CHAMPS South Sudan with the introduction of Village Savings Loan Associations. The goal: support healthy futures by integrating income-generating activities with lessons on child protection, gender-based violence, and nutrition for saving group participants. 

In Kenya, CMMB is building sustainable community structures to prevent sexual and gender-based violence, create and protect safe spaces, and offer support for survivors. The goal: equitable communities that promote health and safety for all.  

In Zambia, Access to Health Zambia, a member of the CMMB community, broadened its child protection initiatives by introducing vocational skills and other opportunities to young adults. The goal: reduce the risk of child separation and sustain a pathway to prosperous, healthy futures.  

In the United States, CMMB’s medical donations program is developing a mobile app to increase coordination with its global partners. The goal: greater efficiency in delivery of lifesaving medical supplies and in-depth reporting 

We look forward to witnessing how these projects continue to unfold in 2024, changing lives and promoting healthier lives worldwide.