In today’s Gospel, we continue to learn about Jesus’ incredible healings. Our reading begins in Galilee, where Jesus has been traveling to synagogues to preach.

Hearing of Jesus’ ability to heal, a man with leprosy approached him. During the time in which this reading takes place, there was little known about leprosy. Those with the disease were avoided, untouched, and cast out of society. It would have been unusual for a person with leprosy to approach a healthy man.

This is one of the reasons why this moment is so meaningful. The man was so confident in Jesus’ ability that he approached him despite societal norms. But we can also interpret his decision to approach Jesus as a challenge or test to see how far he was willing to go to heal.

Jesus touched the man and healed him. In doing so he, Jesus shows us the depth of his compassion, duty, and love for those in need.

After healing the man, Jesus instructed him to keep the source of his cure a secret. At the end of our reading, we learn that the man did not do as Jesus asked. With word spreading of his abilities, it became difficult for Jesus to travel without people seeking him out.

There are many lessons we can take away from today’s passage, but on a day dedicated to celebrating the love of those around us, we find it fitting to focus on just that.

At CMMB, love is one of our core values. Jesus’ compassion, actions, and unwavering love for those he served empowers our faith and remains the guiding force behind our work.

Mother Teresa in 1980

We will conclude today’s reading with the words of Mother Teresa. An inspiring figure for so many, she too let Jesus’ compassion for others be a guiding force in her life.

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” – Mother Teresa

If you would like to hear more from Mother Teresa on the importance of love, you can find a video on our blog by clicking here.

As you celebrate with those you love on this Valentine’s Day, we invite you to reflect on the many ways you can extend that love to those less fortunate.

In grace and peace,


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