CMMB is focused on women and children for a reason. Healthy, educated, and empowered women are better able to raise healthy, educated, confident daughters and sons. And healthy, educated, confident children can change the world.

It just so happens that November 20th is United Nations Universal Children’s Day, a day to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improving children’s welfare.

This year’s theme: Children are taking over and turning the world blue

We are being asked to help turn the world blue – and fight for a world where every child is in school, safe from harm, and can fulfill…exceed their potential! Our staff members were more than happy to share what it is that they think every child deserves.

And even better, we got the chance to ask a few of the children we work with from around the world, what it is that they think every child deserves. The photo diary below, shares their answers –  from NYC to South Sudan!

CMMB NYC staff think every child deserves…

CMMB Staff Goes BlueCMMB Staff Goes #BlueArianna and Laura are going blueCMMB Staff #GoBlueCMMB- Turning the Office BlueAlex and Marcia go bl

Team blue from Peru has some thoughts

Team Blue from Peru Universal Children's Day

Every child deserves a LOT of love and happiness!

CMMB's Jolynn is going Blue in Peru

CMMB’s Jolynn is going Blue in Peru. She thinks every child deserves A LOT of love (We agree).

In Peru, children are going blue too

CMMB Peru is turning Blue!

Children deserve… Less violence, good health, and a healthy home

CMMB Peru is going blue on Universal Children's Day

Children deserve… Good health and love!

CMMB- Peru is turning Blue!

Children deserve… Less violence, love, better schools

CMMB Peru is going on UniversalChildren's Day 2018

Children deserve… Bathrooms and water!

In Kenya, we are taking a stand

Every Child Deserves LoveEvery Child Deserves an Education

And, so are the children!

Kenya - What does every child deserve_ #GoBlue

Every Child Deserves...Kenya - What does every child deserve_

Whose next? Children in South Sudan think every child deserves…

We asked children to tell us what they needed. What they deserve.

Children in South Sudan are going blue!Go blue in South Sudan

One thing is for sure, children around the world know what they deserve.

Join them by going blue! Celebrate by wearing blue clothing or accessories, and share your photo with the world (i.e. on social media). #Goblue #CMMBlue