Today we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family. Our Gospel reading begins at the Temple in Jerusalem.

From the Gospel according to Luke, Mary and Joseph present baby Jesus at the Temple in accordance to the Law of Moses. This event follows several prescriptions of the Law, including the purification rites and sacrificial offerings, which Mary and Joseph have already completed.

The presentation of baby Jesus at the Temple is a Jewish rite made in recognition of the feast of Passover. According to Jewish tradition, all firstborn males are to be consecrated to God in remembrance of the children of the Israelites, who were spared from death in Egypt.

Luke’s Gospel reports a man and a woman present at the Temple during the ritual. The man, Simeon, was a devout believer and told by the Holy Spirit that he would not meet death until he had lived to see the Messiah. The woman, Anna, was also a devout follower. A widow at 84, she spent her days in the Temple, praying and fasting. Upon seeing Jesus, Anna and Simeon both proclaimed him to be Israel’s redemption.

Just like the actions of Mary in last week’s reading, her actions today are a model of our faith. As devout followers of Jewish law, Mary and Joseph exemplify a family of faith – a model we all strive to achieve today through the traditions we celebrate and the lessons we teach our children.

At CMMB, we know how important strong role models are for young children. It’s one of the many reasons our programs and projects strive to empower women.

Zambian women Partnership report 2017

A woman holds her family together and strengthens her community. Mothers and grandmothers are the center of families, playing an essential role in creating and sustaining healthy households. In their universal role as caregivers, women are invested in the broader community, taking responsibility for caring for the sick, the elderly, and orphans. Women are also responsible for raising children with healthy habits, a positive outlook, and strong values to ensure they grow up well.

We invest in women because they invest in others. Their children will go on to do the same for their own communities.  You can learn more about our commitment to women and children by clicking HERE.

We will conclude this week’s reflection with the words of Mother Teresa, a woman whose life and devotion to the world’s most vulnerable are at the heart of what we do. Her words act as an ongoing reminder of the power of family.

“If you want to bring happiness to the whole world, go home and love your family.”

In grace and peace,


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