In the fourth Sunday of the Easter season, sometimes called Good Shepherd Sunday, Jesus’ teaching sets the framework about himself as the Good Shepherd.

Jesus uses the metaphor of the sheep, the shepherd and the gate to tell his listeners that those who follow him will find abundant life. The shepherds who are faithful, are the ones the sheep (his disciples) should follow.  The sheep know to only follow their own shepherd. Jesus is the gate for all of the sheep and having a good relationship with Jesus is the primary characteristic of a Christian leader.

Christian leaders follow the example of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, by being faithful to him and by being a good shepherd.

Jesus’ metaphor, that the shepherd knows his sheep and they know him, also suggests that faithful Christian leadership requires a good relationship with the community.

Abigail Zielinski, a CMMB international volunteer nurse who worked in Our Lady of Lourdes Mutomo Mission Hospital in Kenya talks about the hard work and dedication of a local nurse named Jaqueline in the facility where she served. Jaqueline goes above and beyond her assigned duties and was an inspiration to Abigail throughout her experience. She is a leader among her staff and in the community, as Jacqueline mentors and guides those who need instruction.

abby and jacqueline

Jacqueline, Abigail says, listens and treats everyone with respect, her coworkers and patients alike. Her passion for providing care is noticed by those around her and people are drawn to her passionate approach. Those in the community look up to her as a leader, despite her young age.

“Jacqueline has shown me that anything is possible and that there are no limits to what I am capable of except the limits that I place on myself.”

Please read Abigail’s full story and the impact that Jacqueline had on her and how those, through her compassion, came to see her as a leader in the community.

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