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Did you wake up this morning, New Year’s resolutions in hand, promising to make commitments in your life? What does it mean to make commitments? What are the words you use? “I promise…” “I will…” “I do…” 

In today’s Gospel reading, we recognize Mary, who honored the promise of God. She committed to being the mother of Jesus, and dramatically changed her life, the lives of those around her and for all of us who came after her.  She named her newborn baby, Jesus, as the Angel Gabriel, a messenger of God, asked her to do.  

Mary could have chosen the easy way out. She could have said to the Angel Gabriel, “I need to know more.” “This sounds difficult.” or “You’re asking too much of me.” 

Instead, she put her faith in God. Because she knew—God has a direct hand in our lives. Mary put her trust in His loving power. 

Today, on New Year’s Day and this Holy Day, we celebrate the solemnity of Mary’s motherhood and her role in Jesus’ life.  Not only is Mary known as the Mother of God, she also is regarded as the Mother of the Church, for she set an example for us on what it means to be a model disciple of God.  

How can we be better disciples and follow in Mary’s path?  How can we honor our commitments to God in this new year? At CMMB, we will continue to embrace the bond between our faith, values, and service to others in need.  We commit to making the world a healthier place. And we promise, through your support, to bring life-saving care to mothers and children, and their communities. Visit our blog to see your support in action. 

Portions of today’s reflection were adapted from and inspired by the Loyola Press Sunday Connection.