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What do you do when you learn that something brand new—even life changing—is on the way?

Maybe you ask some questions, do research, or seek insights. Then you start planning. In one way or another, you would likely take the time and do the work to make the necessary preparations. Eventually, this can lead to new knowledge, new skills, and new experiences that you can build on and share to inspire others. Preparation pays off—for you and beyond.

In today’s Gospel, we hear about an important figure in our faith: John the Baptist. We know from this morning’s passage, that John proclaims Jesus as the Son of God. He gives witness to Jesus as our Savior and compels us to prepare the way as Jesus’ ministry begins.

John the Baptist’s role in our faith is to prepare us to welcome Jesus into our lives and follow his way.

“The reason why I came baptizing with water was that He might be made known,” proclaims John in our Gospel.

Preparation is key to the path we are all called to faithfully follow, including at CMMB.

Over the next few weeks, your prayers and support are making it possible for a group of CMMB volunteers to embark on life-changing journeys of global service. From low-resource communities in South Sudan to Kenya’s Mutomo Mission Hospital, preparation will empower their experiences—and change lives.

Our volunteers have made many preparations to be able to serve. They’ve adjusted their career paths, education plans, and personal lives. They’ve even prepared intentions for their service and shared them at a special commitment ceremony held in New York City. You can read their intentions by visiting our blog.

Then when they arrive in their new communities, they’ll begin working alongside local health professionals to understand the issues and begin the hard work to make change. The opportunities will be great—and the results profound.

When it finally comes time for our volunteers to return home, the preparations, hard work, and partnerships will have paid off. Much of the knowledge, skills, and experiences shared will become the very foundation for training and inspiring the next generation of local health workers and partners.

Thank you for the grace you share to make this work possible for women, children, and communities around the world. Together, we’re preparing to change lives for the better!

Portions of this piece were inspired by the Loyola Press Sunday Connection