Strengthen systems for primary healthcare across Haiti.

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Insufficient numbers of health providers, lack of governance and health facility management capacity, recurring sociopolitical unrest, consistent economic instability, and significant natural disasters strain the Haitian health system. The terrain, the remoteness of much housing, the high cost of transportation in rural areas, and significant stigma make it challenging for patients living with HIV and TB to adhere to lifelong treatment.

Santé, a nationwide project, is implementing, scaling up, and raising the quality of services along a continuum of culturally appropriate care through the life cycle to improve family, community, and population health across Haiti. Aligned with the premise of health as a human right, the project is patient-centered and enshrines gender equity and sexual and reproductive rights. Strong systems for monitoring and evaluation guide quality improvement efforts. Ministry of health representatives and stakeholders, including patients, health service providers, and community members, are at the center of the project, serving on quality care commissions at national, district, and facility levels.  

CMMB is responsible for three departments in the north of Haiti (Nord, Nord-Est, and Nord-Ouest) with project partners, the Caris Foundation International and Haitian Health Foundation, who are working in the southern and central parts of the country.