Is your dad the G.O.A.T?

Not a goat! The G.O.A.T – The Greatest Of All Time. Not sure if your dad is a G.O.A.T? Answer the questions below to find out how your dad shapes up! By the way, it isn’t too early to start thinking about what to give your dad for Father’s Day.

I know my dad’s the G.O.A.T, I just want a Father’s Day gift that gives back!

10 Ways To Figure Out if Your Dad is the G.O.A.T

1) Does your dad always have your back – no matter what mood you’re in?

A young child with a pink hat is held in her mother's arms in Kenya. She is looking a little grumpy.

2) Is your dad a good teacher? (Effort counts)

A teacher teaching his students. They are in a classroom made of brick

3) Does your dad encourage you to do the right thing?

A father helping his child

We all make mistakes, if we are lucky our dads will help us learn from them.

4) Is your dad a handyman? (again effort counts)

A member of the Hospital Construction Crew working. He holds tools in his hand as he smiles for the photo

A leaky sink, a squeaky door — call in the big guns! Though, when it comes to electric work or any task of that nature we do suggest calling in the professional. Unless of course your dad is the professional. In that case we’ll be giving your dad a call.

5) Is your dad forgiving?

A small child crouching behind a chair

You know your dad is the G.O.A.T. when he can forgive no matter what kind of mischief you get yourself into (within reason of course). This, brings us to our next question…

6) Does your dad always see the best in you?

A little boy sits at a table in Peru

Even when you can’t see it yourself.

7) Has your dad mastered the art of Dad Jokes?

A child looks a little annoyed. There is a dad's joke.

Let’s face it, Dad Jokes are sensational. #dadjokes

8) Does your dad brag about your accomplishments?

A little boy smiles with his hands on his head

Not sure how to answer this question? Check your dad’s Facebook page

9) Is your dad a good listener?

two children with their dad in Haiti

Especially when your friends are sick of listening to you complain?

10) Your dad loves you unconditionally

 A dad holding his baby in Kenya

Default: YES! We believe this is more a fact than a question.

Well, how’d he do? If you answered yes to most of the questions above then it’s confirmed, your dad is in fact the G.O.A.T. So, how do you honor such an important person?

Honor your G.O.A.T with the Gift of a GOAT for a family in need

a little boy in Kenya holding the leash for his family goat

The gift of a goat can change the life of an entire family. We’ve seen it with our own eyes!

Family stands in front of their house with goats.

“Goats are great. We started with two and now have five. They give us food, help us pay school fees and healthcare costs for the children.” – Eriante, Haiti 

Why Are Goats So Great

  • Easy to raise
  • Don’t take much space
  • Breed fast quickly and sufficiently
  • Super resilient in even the MOST extreme conditions
  • Provide nutritious milk
  • Help gardens grow (yes…their poo helps a lot!)
  • Baby goats can be sold providing a good source of income

$100 buys two goats (one female and one male) for a family living in extreme poverty. It’s pretty clear why two are important for breeding. But the other reason is that goats are herd animals and become depressed without any goat companions. So, it is unhealthy for a goat if a family just owns one as a pet!

Now really, we aren’t trying to knock that “World’s Best Dad” mug or another tie, but why not be original this Father’s Day? Consider honoring the amazing dads in your life by giving goats and changing lives.

After all, your dad is the G.O.A.T so get him the greatest gift of all time. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and gift a goat!

Honor a dad. Give a goat. Change a life.

Fathers Day 2019