Brian Rockhold is one of our newest international volunteers and is serving as a hospital administrator at Mwandi Mission Hospital in Zambia. In the piece below, Brian speaks about his faith, his marriage, and what inspired him to become a CMMB volunteer.

My missionary journey has been slow and gradual. It began when I became a Christian in 2001 at the age of 16. Early on in my discipleship, I felt strongly that the Lord wanted me to be in some kind of direct ministry. However, I had no idea what form or shape this might take. I continued to seek the Lord and wait for further clarity about his plans for my life throughout college.

Mwandi Mission Hospital

Brian will be serving at Mwandi Mission Hospital!

A couple of years after college, I went to seminary and this was a highly influential time of refinement and spiritual growth. In the course of my studies, I came to see missions not as an incredibly complex pursuit, but rather, as a very simple and straightforward way of living out one’s faith.

My understanding of the heart of a mission starts with just being intentional in all of the relationships that you have, regardless of your actual location. Mission work is not something that “happens” once you cross a particular border, nor is it only confined to the most spiritual people or activities. It is an organic and holistic orientation of one’s entire life to putting faith into action in every context of life.

Photos of Brian Rockhold!

After I began to date Alyson, the woman I am now married to, I was inspired by her lifelong, contagious passion for missions. After we got married and began to pursue missions together, we came across CMMB. I was encouraged and inspired to find that so much of what resonated with me through the course of my discipleship in my theological studies was reflected in the core values, mission, and vision of the organization.

Brian and Alyson Rockhold wedding

CMMB is committed to living in authentic community and intentional relationships with the people they serve. In addition, they have a long history of respectful relationships and cooperative engagement in the communities they are involved in. I was most encouraged knowing that I would be able to use my specific experience, education, and skill set while in the mission field. I felt so relieved that even though I am not a medical volunteer, I can still be a part of such an influential and important mission in the body of Christ across the globe.

Brian Rockhold during CMMB's international volunteer orientation

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