“Blessed are they who have not seen me, but still believe!”
– John 20:29

On the second Sunday of Easter, Thomas’ story illustrates our Christian experience today. We are called to believe without seeing, to have faith even when the world around us fills us with doubt and fear.

In Kenya, Rose is a CMMB community health volunteer trying to make a difference. Her beautiful smile masks a lifetime of poverty and personal tragedy:

“I buried four children. Only one daughter is still alive. They died from malaria and HIV. My husband abandoned me. I had nothing. I lost hope. CMMB gave me a chance for a new life when they taught me how to help others.”

Filled with faith and purpose, Rose walks more than 100 miles every month to visit 30 vulnerable families. She explains:

“I don’t want anyone to suffer like I have. The families have so little. I am also poor, but I can share my training and experiences with them so they can learn.”

Committed, caring people like Rose are proof that individuals can make a meaningful impact. In today’s Gospel, Jesus greets his disciples with the gift of peace. He commissions the disciples to continue the work that he has begun:

“As the Father has sent me, so I send you.” -John 20:21

Rose’s faith and mission, like our own, is based on the witness of the Church, beginning with Thomas and the very first disciples. Steadfast, enduring faithfulness can be a challenge. Blessed are those like Rose, who find the strength to believe, without having seen.

Support a community health worker like Rose. 

*Today’s reflection is adapted from and inspired by the Loyola Press Sunday Connection.

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