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This Sunday’s gospel introduces us to John the Baptist, who appears in the desert of Judea preaching of the coming of the Lord. John’s words urged reflection, action and change. Like John, every one of us is called to be a prophet of Christ, to follow in his footsteps every day by the way we live, love and share with others. We are his messengers, helping to transform our world by bringing his love to bear on every situation in our everyday life. That’s what discipleship is all about.

In our work, we are blessed to bear witness to so many acts of love, sacrifice and generosity, and to see so many examples of discipleship in action:

Sarah surrounded by children she served on her first volunteer trip

Volunteer Sarah Rubino surrounded by some of the children she served on her first volunteer trip.

The care and dedication of our volunteer doctors, nurses, engineers, public health professionals and administrators that serve at health facilities in extremely remote and impoverished communities.

Our team in Haiti are remarkable. These are three of the community health workers.

Three of the remarkable community health workers that serve in Côtes-de-Fer, Haiti.

The hard work of our community health workers, women and men who have faced the challenges of extreme poverty and nevertheless take the initiative to become trained leaders and to help others live healthier and more dignified lives.

Volunteer demonstrates how to use P&G water purification materials.

A volunteer demonstrates proper filtration with tools provided by our partner Proctor & Gamble.

The support of our extraordinary partners, starting with local communities and including national and local governments, corporations, organizations, foundations, and individual donors who play a key role in our efforts to positively influence global health.

Sister Laura with patients

Sister Laura (left) with patients in St. Therese Hospital in Nzara.

The faith and determination of the Sisters and clerics who inspire our global family through their commitment to care for marginalized communities where few are willing to work.

Advent is a journey that brings us closer as a community, and closer to Jesus, one day at a time. On this second Sunday of Advent, let us light a candle, take a pause, and think about our place with the Lord, and our place with others.

Brightest blessings,

CMMB/Healthier Lives Worldwide


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