The Angel Investor program pairs individual donors with individual children living in some of the poorest regions of the world. Currently, our Angel Investor program supports children in eastern Kenya, southern Haiti, and two different communities in Peru. The children involved in this program are identified by community health workers as the most vulnerable children in the whole community. A donor can support one of three needs for a child: school fees, healthcare, or food and water.

This Christmas season our team in Kenya worked tirelessly throughout November and December to acquire school uniforms, dresses, and shoes for the children involved in our Angel Investor program. The gifts corresponded to the need their Angel Investor supports. For example, children supported for school received shoes, making it easier to get to school and participate in activities. For almost all of them, this was their first Christmas gift ever.

Their smiles and pride say it all. The joy of Christmas was alive and well this year. Here are some of the children receiving their gifts.


Aron in his new school uniform


Daniel looking proud in his school uniform and first pair of shoes.


Elizabeth (pink) showing her little sister, Irene how to put on her new shoes.


Elizabeth walks to school every day, having shoes will make the journey much easier for her.


Baby Gedion and his older sister. I think he likes his new blanket, what do you think?


Irene loves her new shoes. Before, she only had socks to protect her feet from long walks to school.


“Son, you will have to learn how to wear shoes.” – Watia, John’s father


John and his family, including his new baby brother, Peter! His parents are excited for the opportunities John has thanks to his Angel Investor.


Kabuku is usually shy but she couldn’t help but smile when she received her new dress.


Kiema in his first pair of shoes


Mary was proud in her new dress and sandals.


Mutambuki shares a laugh as he shows off his first pair of shoes.


Syengo has big dreams and a new uniform. We know he will achieve all he sets his mind to.

There are many children still looking for their angel.

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