In last week’s reading Jesus taught us that the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven cannot be predicted. In today’s reading, we learn how we are expected to act while we wait.

Through another parable, Jesus teaches us the value and purpose of our unique talents. In the story, a master gives three servants a different number of talents—coins—based on their unique skills.

When the master returns from a long journey, he expects that each of his servants have put their talents to use. The first and the second servant have done just that and doubled their coins for the master. The third servant, however, was too fearful. Instead of using his talents he hid them until his master returned.

This parable symbolizes Catholic discipleship. The master represents God and the servants his disciples. The master’s reaction to the servants when he returns from his journey reveals what Jesus expects from us as we await the Kingdom of Heaven.

The master rewards the first two servants for making use of their talents and doubling their earnings. He reprimands the third servant for sitting idle out of fear.

Based on this story, we come to understand that Jesus does not want us to sit idle. Instead, he expects us to make use of the unique talents we’ve been blessed with by serving others.

At CMMB, we rely on the talents of hundreds of staff members and volunteers. Our work focuses on global health, but our success relies on experts from a diverse set of fields. From clinical professionals and public health experts to business leaders and storytellers, every member of our team contributes a valuable skill that’s vital to our mission.

Volunteer Sarah Rubino holding a young girl in South Sudan in October 2018.

In October, long-term CMMB volunteer Sarah Rubino spoke with Fairfield University students and staff about her experiences serving in South Sudan. Her presentation revealed the challenges of volunteering in an under resourced community. But most importantly, it showed the great strides CMMB and partners are making to overcome those challenges and the impact that’s achieved when individuals with diverse talents commit to the same mission.

Our partnership with institutions like Fairfield University is one of the many ways CMMB is connecting with the young leaders who will serve tomorrow. If you would like to learn more about Sarah’s experience and the bright students she spoke with, click HERE to read more.

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