Dear friends,

We’re excited to share with you our 2016 Annual Report, Our Global Family: For the Good of All.

The title of this year’s annual report was inspired by our global family, which includes the women and children we serve, field staff, community health workers, volunteers, medical personnel, donors, and our many partners. As a family, we can learn so much from one another about respect, dignity, and love. I’m proud of CMMB’s (CATHOLIC MEDICAL MISSION BOARD) family and our many accomplishments highlighted in this report.

I’d like to share some highlights:

  • We are responding quickly to global emergencies, like Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, and war and famine in South Sudan.
  • We are committed to HIV care and treatment, and an AIDS-free generation.
  • We are scaling up our CHAMPS model. Our goal is to improve one million lives over the next five years.
  • We are working to continually expand our global partnerships to deliver medicine to those who need it most.
  • We are more clearly representing our vision, values, and focus on improving the lives of women and children worldwide through our new visual identity.
  • We are recognized for our outstanding transparency and stewardship of resources.

Each day, I continue to be inspired by the women, children, and communities we serve. Meeting them in the field, I’m always touched by the courage of people who have so little yet sacrifice so much for the well-being of their families. On behalf of the CMMB family, thank you for your continued support and deep commitment to our mission. We’re blessed because you are a part of our extended family of people who genuinely care about the poor.

In faith and friendship,

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Bruce Wilkinson, President and CEO

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