The storm is over, but rebuilding is just beginning.

Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti hard. With heavy rains and winds that reached up to 145mph, the storm ripped roofs from homes, uprooted trees, destroyed bridges, and caused widespread flooding. These photos, taken by volunteers, staff, and local photographers, capture not only the physical damage caused by the storm, but also the faces of some of the people who have lost everything because of it. Let’s remember that while the storm has ended, the damage left in its wake will take years to repair. For those who lost loved ones, grief will follow them throughout their lives. 

The storm

sky is black just hours before the hurricane hit in haiti

Ominous skies just before the storm.

Bridge destroyed

A key bridge destroyed, making access difficult.

trees down

Trees uprooted.

Families, homes, and lives uprooted

home after storm Matthew

Milien and what is left of his home.

Hurricane Haiti man stands in front of what's left of home

Milien lived with his wife and 3 children in this home before the storm.

Haitian family stands in front of house destroyed by hurricane matthew

Emene, her husband Florvil, and their family in front of remnants of their home.

man stands in front of a destroyed home no roof or walls

Dipe with what he has left.

Tree torn out of the earth from hurricane

An uprooted tree next to Dipe’s home.

huricane matthew man in front of a demolished house

Benito and his family’s home reduced to a pile of grass.  

mom and 4 children stand in front of what's left of their home hurricane haiti

Bazile Marie with her family. 

Family a mother and father and two children stand in the door of their destroyed home

Young Filicia and Clevens with their parents.

woman and young boy stand in front of a small shelter with walls gone destroyed by storm

Vilieme with her youngest son.

hait storm sad woman in front of ruined home

Grandma Delaine in front of her mud home that was destroyed by rains and winds. 

A home destroyed by hurricane matthew

a woman stands in front of a house that has been flattened by the hurricane despair

Moise and one of her children. 

group of people young and old stand in front of a house destroyed, no walls, no windows

This home had housed three families.

large building with roof destroyed and other damage

View of their home from above.

hurricane destroys homes and lives

a home with no roof, windows or doors. Destroyed by hurricane.

the remains of a home destroyed by hurricane

roofless homes and the people who are homeless

truck turned over in overflowing river

A truck swept away by rising waters.

Challenges getting help where it is needed

large truck stuck in the water heavy with supplies

This truck got stuck attempting to cross the river.

truck stuck in river

Residents in the surrounding community gather around the truck.

hurricane destroys bridge and truck stuck in water people surround the vehicle

Another view of challenges getting aid where it is needed. 

large truck stuck in the mud

waiting hours to cross the river

A long wait to cross with the loss of a critical bridge.

Relief efforts

lots of people items like rice, buckets, hygiene being packaged for hurricane victims

CMMB staff and volunteers preparing essential supplies for those impacted by the hurricane.

preparing food for the relief effort

Preparing bags of rice.

preparing the bags

Bags of aid getting ready to be delivered.

getting ready

Loading the truck with household kits: each kit has water purification tablets, food, and hygiene & household products.

Loading the truck to bring to those impacted by the storm

Another truck filled with essential supplies.

Hurricane in Haiti and a long line of people waiting for help

The line up of people waiting to receive essential food, water purification tablets and other necessities.

close up of faces of people who lost everything in the storm in haiit

hurricane matthew people impacted receive supplies

Dr. Dianne Jean-Francois, CMMB’s Country Director in Haiti, hands out much-needed supplies to individuals impacted by Hurricane Matthew.

people impacted by hurricane receive supplies

CMMB volunteers Brittany and Robin have not stopped helping since the hurricane hit. Here they are giving out the lifesaving supplies.

Storm Haiti woman gets bag of supplies and bucket

A thankful resident of Côtes-de-fer.

storm in haiti people impacted with bags of supplies and volunteers

Residents with a CMMB volunteer and staff take a moment to say thank you for the help.

The storm may have ended, but the rebuilding of lives is just beginning. Learn more about how you can help or consider volunteering!

Photographs by: Sebastian Narcisse and from volunteers Brittany Jonap and Robin Maddox.