Train healthcare workers in neonatal resuscitation, to reduce the number of newborns dying from birth asphyxia.

Funded by
Gerard Health Foundation


2011 – 2012

This project trained healthcare workers in neonatal resuscitation using the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Helping Babies Breathe® approach. Partnering with the ministry of health and working in Mumbwa District, Central Province—where newborn asphyxia was disproportionately high—CMMB trained 91 nurses and midwives using a NeoNatalie newborn simulator. Participants left the training with not only new skills but also a NeoNatalie and other tools to use in their own facilities. CMMB also strengthened relationships with Zambia’s ministry of health and other stakeholders to share information on the program, prevent duplication of efforts, and plan for maximum coverage during proposed expansion across Zambia.

Stories of Impact: 

First Breath: Patrick’s Story