Provide a continuum of care and interventions to children who are without appropriate care or who are at risk for receiving inappropriate care, either in their own families or in community-based settings.

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2014 – 2022


Given the severe poverty and AIDS deaths that have left many Zambian children abandoned or orphaned and vulnerable, CMMB is implementing Kusamala, a child protection project that builds Zambia’s capacity to provide stable, protective, nurturing family environments for children. Community mobilization, training, and advocacy are project components, along with micro-financing to help caregivers and families attain the financial resources necessary to sustain and nurture their children.  The project has:

  • Strengthened government structures and staff and ensured a coordinated, integrated response in promoting policies that yield stable family environments and reduce child institutionalization.
  • Increased health sector capacity to prevent and respond to family separation by identifying, assessing and referring families to useful services.
  • Worked against harmful cultural practices and promoted attitudes that facilitate strong families.
  • Increased the knowledge, skills, and positive practices of children, families, and communities that promote stable, protective, and nurturing family environments.

Watch this video to learn more about the project: