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For today’s reading, we continue in Mark’s Gospel. While last week we witnessed Jesus interact with traditional Jewish leaders, today’s verses report Jesus’ interaction with gentiles and, most significantly, how quickly word of his actions spread.

After Jesus arrives in the district of Decapolis, a crowd of gentiles brings him a deaf man, who also suffers from a speech impediment.

The man begged Jesus to heal him. So, away from the crowds, Jesus did as the man asked. He touched the man’s ears and tongue and proclaimed to the Heavens, “Ephphatha!” or be opened. The man was healed immediately with the gift of hearing and speech.

While the miracle is an important part of the reading, the events that unfold after are what we will focus on today.

After Jesus heals the man, he asks that the crowds not tell of the miracle he has performed. Despite Jesus’ request, news of the event spread. People could not help but share the actions and word of Jesus. It was in this way that Jesus’ mission spread so quickly.

Just as people spread the word of Jesus in our Gospel, we can do the same today through words and actions.

Think of all the ways you’ve spread God’s love through action. Perhaps it was as simple as a favor for a friend or a donation to charity you care deeply for. At CMMB, we strive to share God’s love with every action we take—whether launching a new project, supporting a new hospital or even connecting those who wish to help with those who desperately need it.

Our Angel Investor Program is a one-to-one giving program where donors are given the opportunity to support a child in need with urgent resources like food and water, health care, and education. We feel blessed to have connected many families across three countries we serve with donors who are eager to share compassion and support, just as Jesus did.

kanuu family in kenya with their new mattress and goats

Kasumuni and her grandchildren in Kenya

We will end this reflection with a quote from Kasumuni, one of the grandmothers supported by this initiative in Kenya. Kasumuni has been caring for her four grandchildren since their mother passed away from cancer two years ago.

“We have been able to achieve a lot since receiving this support. We are healthy and we can afford a smile. May God bless those giving to our family. We are grateful for the support and our prayer is that seeing these children happy and full of life makes their mother happy too, wherever she is up in the sky.” 

In grace and peace,


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*Portions of today’s reflection were adapted from and inspired by the Loyola Press Sunday Connection.