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In last week’s reading, Jesus began his journey to Jerusalem. In this week’s reading, he sends his disciples out on their own journeys to prepare for the Kingdom of God.  

Jesus knows that the journey will not be easy for his disciples. But with their faith comes purpose, guidance, and a sense of mission that will help guide them forward.  

We will face challenges no matter what journey we find ourselves on. But in some corners of the world, women and children face challenges that, for many of us, are difficult to imagine.  

In places like rural Kenya, it’s not uncommon for a woman to give birth at home, without the support of a skilled birth attendant. This reality puts both mom and baby at a higher risk for complications and even death. Long distances to health facilities, unsafe travel conditions, and limited means of transportation are among the reasons contributing to this reality. 

At CMMB, we want moms to receive quality care and support at every step—both during and after pregnancy. We want babies brought into the world with every chance to start their journey through life healthy and well-cared for.  

We cannot eliminate every challenge a mother and their child will face, but we can make every effort possible to ensure they begin their journeys with the resources they need.

This past spring CMMB supported the development of a brand-new maternity ward to serve mothers living in rural communities throughout Kitui South Sub County in Kenya. At this brand-new facility, mothers have the opportunity to receive antenatal care, access safe deliveries attended by skilled heath workers, and receive support in their first months as new moms. 

“Delivering my baby in this new facility has been a blessing,” said a new mother, who recently received care at the facility. “I really lack the best words to thank CMMB for remembering us as a community after the long wait for modern maternity. Thanks, a billion times, for touching our lives. Indeed, there is hope for mothers in our area and beyond—asanteni sana [thank you]. 

If you are interested in learning more about this new facility and the communities it will serve, we encourage you to do so by clicking HERE 

Portions of today’s reflection were adapted from and inspired by the Loyola Press Sunday Connection.