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“Health System Strengthening is not an event. It is a journey,” said Jesse Kihuha, coordinator for CMMB Kenya’s Children and Mothers Partnership Program.

Today’s Gospel makes us think of the journey that CMMB has walked for 110 years. With each step we are witness to severe barriers to health. With each step we are motivated to deliver new, more efficient solutions and grow our impact.

With growth comes change, but when it comes to our approach to healthier lives worldwide, we have never wavered in our commitment to serve, collaborate, and share.

Sharing is at the core of today’s Gospel, which tells the story of a rich man and a poor man. On earth, the rich man has all the comforts of the world and watches the poor man suffer. The rich man has the ability to share his wealth and support but chooses not to.

When each man passes on, only the poor man is welcomed into the kingdom of heaven. In death, the poor man watches from God’s kingdom while the rich man suffers. You might find yourself wondering if the poor man can seize the opportunity that rich man denied and share the comfort. But the answer is no—that choice can only be made on earth.

In a reality that leaves some with more and others with far less, we have the choice. Let us choose to share our wealth, knowledge, and commitment. Let us choose to take one journey that ends with equity, health, and comforts in the kingdom of heaven.

If you’re interested in learning more about our journey at CMMB, we invite you to visit our website to learn where our mission began—and where it’s going.

Portions of today’s reflection were adapted from and inspired by the Loyola Press Sunday Connection.