Our Gospel today tells us about the disciples’ discovery of the empty tomb. The details invite us to reflect upon a most amazing gift, that is faith in Jesus and his Resurrection.  Eggs, seeds and acorns are familiar Easter symbols.  We can stare at them and never imagine what they truly will become.  The egg and seeds are resurrection symbols because they become something totally unforeseen and beautiful: a soaring bird, fragrant flowers, the mighty oak.

Human beings can also be symbols of resurrection, people who are transformed with new life, new hopes, and new possibilities, people like Erika (left).  Erika was born with microcephaly in rural Peru.  Her head is abnormally small, her brain under developed.  Her congenital birth defect has no cure.  Without education or support, Erika’s young mother was completely overwhelmed and gave up.  Erika was kept in a crib and neglected until she was 5 years old.  That’s when CMMB physical therapists, Monica and Mercy, met with Erika’s grandmother who took over the little girl’s care.  With consistent therapy, Erika’s life was transformed.

From lying helpless in a crib, she is now standing on her own, if just for a few moments.  It’s only with strong faith in God and gifts of mercy from people like you, that a child, like Erika can come so far.  The change is more than her grandmother could dream; Erika’s life and future have been resurrected.

Jesus’ resurrection gives hope and meaning to our existence here.  We know that one day, after death, we will be raised in glory.  Our Easter faith is based on the witness of Mary Magdalen, Peter and the disciples to both the empty tomb and their continuing relationship with Him—in Jesus’ appearances and in his lasting gift of the Holy Spirit.  Please include Erika in your Easter prayers today.

Wishing You a Happy & Blessed Easter!

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