Deadly Explosion in Beirut

The deadly explosion at Beirut’s port killed more than 200 people and left thousands injured, homeless, and traumatized. Hospitals are at over-capacity and do not have enough medical supplies to respond to this crisis.

CMMB is responding by airlifting desperately need medicines and medical supplies to support the disaster relief effort. CMMB and its trusted local partner Anera are working to support health care facilities in Beirut by providing medical supplies and funds for the local procurement of critical relief supplies.

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A restaurant damanged from the explosion in Beirut.

Partnering in Lebanon for Over 20 Years

CMMB has partnered with Anera for over 20 years to support their programing in the region to strengthen healthcare systems to provide better care and to serve Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. From their five offices in Lebanon, Anera coordinates with the Ministry of Health to provide support to 12 official refugee camps and 2,000 unofficial settlements in education, health, clean water, and environment, among other sectors.

Lebanon’s Fragile Healthcare System

Lebanon suffers from a fragile healthcare system, which has worsened during the recent economic crisis. This has stymied the response effort to the explosion in Beirut. Doctors and health care workers do not have enough medical supplies to treat patients effected by the explosion.

Lebanon does not have a domestic pharmaceutical and medical supply industry. Hospital networks depend on the import of most products required for day-to-day hospital operations.

Through our Medical Donations Program, CMMB has been working to fill this gap by providing medicines, medical supplies, and equipment to improve the overall quality of care for the most vulnerable in Lebanon.

A car destroyed during the explosion in Beirut.

Support Our Emergency Response

Without enough supplies or support, people with life-threatening injuries are being turned away from the hospitals. Countless women, children, and families will die needlessly from their wounds if they do not get help immediately. Support our emergency response effort by donating today.