Over the past few weeks, we’ve read about the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven. We’ve learned that we cannot anticipate when it will come, and we’ve learned how we are expected to act while we wait. Today, we learn how we will be judged when the day finally arrives.

In Jesus’ final discourse with his disciples he describes judgment day—the end of time when the Son of Man has arrived to welcome the worthy into the Kingdom of Heaven. Like a shepherd separates his sheep from goats, Jesus will separate the worthy from the unworthy.

The Son of Man’s judgments will be based on how we’ve used our skills and talents to serve the lowly. For when we serve the lowly, we serve Jesus: “Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.”

CMMB has been blessed to collaborate with professionals, volunteers, and organizations in our mission to serve the world’s most vulnerable. The Aurora Humanitarian Initiative is one of these amazing organizations. Founded on behalf of the survivors of the Armenian Genocide, they seek to empower individuals to use their talents to serve humanity. Their support of programs and humanitarians is gratitude in action.

Dr. Tom Catena wraps a patient’s arm during a scene from “The Heart of Nuba” documentary in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. Catena, a Catholic native of the Diocese of Albany, has served the last 10 years as the only physician at Mother of Mercy Hospital for the region’s 1 million people.

Dr. Tom Catena in operating theater

In 2017, CMMB’s longest serving volunteer, Dr. Tom Catena, was awarded the Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity for his courageous work serving as the only permanent doctor in Sudan’s war-torn Nuba Mountains. The award came with a $1 million prize, which Dr. Tom delegated a portion of to CMMB. With the support, CMMB was able to launch the Aurora Fellowship program and honor the initiative’s mission to empower individuals to serve.

Through the fellowship, CMMB provided opportunities to highly skilled professionals to bring care to under-served populations in areas of extreme hardship; places that few are willing to go. Today, Dr. Tom Catena serves as chair of the initiative and encourages audiences around the world to practice gratitude in action.

Mary Beth Powers congratulates the Aurora Prize for their fifth anniversary in October 2020.

In celebration of the initiative’s fifth anniversary, CMMB’s President and CEO Mary Beth Powers shared a message to recognize their amazing work. If you’d like to hear more from, click HERE to watch her video.

“In just five years, your impact has been felt on every continent. We stand proudly with you supporting those in need of humanitarian aid, striving so that every human life is valued and health and human dignity will be shared by all. We look forward to many more years of collaboration and pray for your continued success in inspiring everyday individuals to be heroes in support of humanity.” – Mary Beth Powers

In grace and peace,


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