In May 2017, the Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity was awarded to our longest serving volunteer, Dr. Tom Catena, for his courageous work as the first and only permanent medical doctor serving in the only referral hospital in Sudan’s war-torn Nuba Mountains.

The award came with a $1 million dollar prize, which Tom designated to three key partners, including CMMB. One of the initiatives supported by this award was the launch of CMMB’s Aurora Fellowship program. The program provided opportunities for highly skilled professionals to bring care to under-served populations in areas of extreme hardship; places that few are willing to go.

Meet Our Aurora Fellows

Thanks to the fellowship, CMMB placed 12 volunteers, including doctors, nurses, engineers, and hospital administrators, to serve at health facilities in extremely remote and impoverished communities. While the Aurora Fellowship ended in 2018, there are still fellows in the field, and the impact of their service will live on long after they have all moved on.

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Health Facilities Supported by Aurora Fellows

South Sudan: This young country has been plagued by decades of violence, leaving a deep and dark legacy and resulting in some of the worst key health indicators in the world. Patients include people entering from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Central African Republic.
st therese hospital with stats yambio state hospital and stats
Sudan: Located in an area with a long history of conflict characterized by insecurity, massive displacement, and restricted humanitarian access. Apart from victims of violence, communities have experienced high levels of mortality from a lack of food, safe water, and healthcare.
mother of mercy hospital in nuba mountains
Kenya: Located in a very remote, arid, and impoverished part of Kenya, people living in this community lack access to food and clean water. As a result, this hospital receives numerous cases of malnutrition and waterborne illnesses.
mutomo mission hospital

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