Today’s Gospel follows the death of John the Baptist, executed by order of the king. After learning the news, Jesus embarks in search of solitary, but the crowds follow him. With them they bring no food or water, only their eagerness to hear the word of God.

The events that transpire are important moments in our faith. Recited in all four accounts of the Gospel, they deliver, through the seemingly impossible, a sign of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus welcomes those who have gathered with compassion and heals their sick. Without enough food or water to feed the crowd, the disciples encourage Jesus to send the people away. Instead, Jesus takes the five loaves of bread and two fish brought by the disciples and multiplies them into enough to feed the masses.

Like the sower and the mustard seed or the baker and the yeast, we learn from Jesus to never judge an action by how small it first appears.

At CMMB, we approach our work as Jesus approached his own—with compassion for all and appreciation for even the smallest acts of love and support.

COVID-19 has made this approach all the more important. Many of our volunteers were required to return home at the onset of the pandemic. Today, some support our response efforts by telling their stories or advocating on behalf of the people they served. Others continue their service virtually by leading training sessions for health workers on the front lines.

They all share their prayers.

In the video below, our volunteers send messages of love and support to the communities they served. It’s a simple but powerful act to let someone know you care. Join us in sharing a prayer for every community who has felt the strain of COVID-19 and let us never forget the great things that came when a single sower planted a lone mustard seed.

In grace and peace,

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Bruce Wilkinson

President & CEO, CMMB

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