Grace is a young mother living in a rural community of South Sudan. She lives in a very basic single-room home, with a grass roof. She lives there with her husband, young son, sister, and two brother-in-laws. Today, Grace and her 3-year-old son are healthy but, this was not always the case. During Grace’s pregnancy, she unknowingly contracted malaria. For pregnant women, malaria can cause life-threatening complications to both mother and baby.

Grace’s Pregnancy

Late in Grace’s pregnancy she started to feel ill. She was tired, nauseous, and ran a fever. Not recognizing the symptoms, Grace’s condition worsened to the point where she was vomiting heavily and was too weak to even sit up.

When Grace was finally brought to the hospital¬† she was unconscious. Both Grace and her unborn baby were at risk of dying. Immediately after arriving at the Nzara Primary Health Care Center (PHCC), Grace was diagnosed with severe malaria. The hospital staff began intense treatment and assessed the condition of Grace’s baby.

Luckily, Grace was brought to the hospital before it was too late. With emergency treatment, Grace was able to go on to deliver a healthy baby boy. She is thankful to her friends and family who recognized the severeness of her condition and brought her to the hospital.

Today, Grace knows the symptoms of malaria. She recognizes the importance of protecting herself and her family from the disease by taking precautionary measures like using treated mosquito nets.

Grace’s Community

Unfortunately, malaria is still common in Grace’s community. CMMB is working hard to ensure everyone has access to treated nets and is able to recognize symptoms of the disease to ensure that they seek treatment immediately.

Woman sitting under a malaria prevention net in a dark hall of the St. Therese Hospital in South Sudan

A woman in South Sudan sits under a mosquito net.

Three years since contracting malaria, Grace continues to share her story with her community – especially, with expectant mothers. She tells us, “knowledge of malaria prevention is so important. It is so hard to watch mothers lose their children.”

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