Dr. Matthew Jones returns with another video blog from South Sudan. In his latest episode, Matthew talks about the joy of delivering teaching to young South Sudanese trainees at St. Theresa Hospital. He introduces us to a couple trainees in the course of the video. 

“St. Theresa Hospital has a very proactive policy of employing young trainees from the area on the wards. However, ultimately, if South Sudan is going to develop a stronger, local healthcare system, they are going to have to find a way to engage more of these young people in formal education, in colleges and universities. Presently, there are painfully few opportunities. St. Theresa Hospital is trying to set-up its own nursing and midwifery school over the next six months with the view to train people locally.”

Matthew is a UK-trained doctor and is our first Aurora Fellow who is serving at the St. Theresa Hospital in Nzara

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