Thank you for taking the time to listen to why I want to engage in this upcoming adventure. As many of you know, I am actively pursuing a medical mission immersion opportunity to Kenya. I will be providing medical care to those living in Mutomo, Kenya in Africa with a focus on serving women and children.

I have prior experience with short-term medical mission trips in nursing school where I provided medical care to those less fortunate living in rural villages of Ecuador. Ever since then, I have felt a strong desire to continue this type of work and wanted something more long term. For the last seven years, there was always an excuse; I need to focus on my career; I need to start grad school; what am I going to do about my living situation. While I was worrying about what I thought I needed to do, I was missing an opportunity to partake in what I know deep down I am being called to do. Now is the time to take the leap and begin my journey.

It is my belief that humanity has an inherent desire to serve others. Choosing to serve those in Africa with CMMB is truly how I believe God is calling me to fulfill this desire. Through this call I want to use Jesus as an example of love and service and apply that example to each and every encounter I make during my time away from home. Not only do I want to enhance the health and lives of the people in Kenya, but I also hope to grow stronger in my faith while obtaining a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God.

Although I know this is what I am being called to do, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t completely terrified to uproot my life. However, this fear ironically gives me a sense of peace because it makes me believe that this opportunity is something worth pursuing. I know that the encounters I have will have long-lasting impacts.

I am asking for your help to achieve my goal of $5,000 so that my dream can become a reality. By donating to this cause, I hope to make this journey with you. Any amount of money you can afford would be greatly appreciated, but I am also asking for your prayers; prayers for myself, prayers for those I encounter, and prayers for those truly in need. Whatever beliefs you have, know that the foundation of this work is to provide love and service to those in need.

Thank you again, and I cannot wait to share my experience with you.

Support Ryan on his journey to serve