Dr. Mary Fleming is a US trained OBGYN serving at Mutomo Mission Hospital in Kenya. Here she shares her themes for the new year.  

Since it’s the New Year, I will do a New Year’s Post.

While I’m not much for resolutions, I will often apply a theme to the year.  Something I can go back to when I’m feeling directionless and/or stressed.

This year, the letter B called to me.  Be Better, Be Balanced, Be Bold.

Be Better.  Part of my purpose in life and one of the purposes of this blog is to live my best life and to help others live theirs.  The only way to do this is to constantly try to make myself better.  Please don’t get that confused with perfect.  Perfection is not a goal of mine.  Instead, I try to do the right thing. To be nice to people, to help out where I can, and when I make a mistake, try to do better next time.

Having grace for yourself and others will go a long way.

Be Balanced.  Work hard, play hard right?  Or maybe, work enough, play enough, might be more appropriate.

Living on the extremes can sometimes get you in trouble.  I don’t believe you should work yourself to exhaustion or party yourself to destruction.  It’s always great to be that “good tired’ after a day at work.  Or managing to achieve the perfect tipsy with no hangover after a night with friends.  Just enough…

Be Bold.  To me, being bold means not limiting yourself.  Employing the adage “nothing ventured, nothing gained,” I often push my comfort zone.  Partly to push myself to grow and partially because I get bored easily.  It’s difficult to be great without taking any risks.  So this year, I will push my comfort zone some more.  Try things I’ve never tried before.  Go places I’ve never been before.  Of course, in 2017 I decided to live in Kenya for six months.  Not sure how I will top that in 2018, but I’m up for the challenge.

 A view from above. Kenya.

So with that, I implore you all to find your theme or themes for 2018. And to live them as best you can.

Happy New Year!  Wishing you your best life!

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