In 1912, CMMB was founded by a medical volunteer, Dr. Paluel Joseph Flagg.

Following the death of his wife and infant daughter, Dr. Flagg found himself overcome with grief. After a long journey, he found a certain solace as a volunteer in Haiti, serving those suffering from leprosy.

His experience in Haiti proved to be eye-opening. He recognized the critical shortage of healthcare workers and the dire need to embed volunteers and medicines in low-resourced communities around the world. Following his return to New York, he began a valiant effort to serve the poor, which would eventually become the Medical Mission Committee of the Catholic Hospital Association, before becoming an independent organization called Catholic Medical Mission Board in 1928. 

Today, CMMB continues to place volunteers in under-served communities around the world. Coming from all walks of life, our volunteers make a positive, measurable impact to the thousands of people every year.

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