Three years ago, when we met Titus, he was a motherless newborn in a desperate situation. Just days before, his mother died in childbirth. Without any way to reach a hospital, she hemorrhaged during Titus’ home delivery and died.

The family was devastated and so was our team. Living in extreme poverty, they didn’t have the money to pay for formula and clean water, and the baby was going to die. The Sisters of Mercy at Mutomo Mission Hospital in Kenya, heard about Titus and faithfully supported him with formula and care during the first few days, but a long-term solution was critical.  

Titus with his grandmother who is one of his main carers.

That is when several loving members of our CMMB family stepped in to sponsor his infant formula, food, clean water, and access to healthcare.

Today, Titus is three years old. He is a healthy, happy child who is a blessing to his family—and ours. The father is now a motorbike taxi driver and earns enough to pay for food, school fees, and healthcare.

Baby Titus Baby Titus and his father

In Kenya Titus is held by his father, Festus

In Kenya Titus is held by his father, Festus

Baby Titus inspired our Angel Investor Program. More than 200 children living in extreme poverty now have a clear pathway to a better future. Want to be part of this story? Become an Angel Investor.