CMMB Angel Investors make a financial commitment to real mothers, real children, and real communities. They are generous people like Diane, who recognized potential in the face of a poor mother in Haiti.

A mother feeding her infant with a bottle is a very rare sight in rural Côtes-de-Fer. Nearly all mothers breast feed their babies. Infant formula is expensive and actually hard to find in this very small, remote town. Contaminated water used to wash and mix formula also puts infants at risk.

Guirlene’s infant son, Jamesly, was born prematurely and spent many weeks in an incubator. The weeks apart meant that Guirlene no longer had breast milk to feed her son. The few tins of infant formula that she managed to buy would not feed her baby for long.

Guirlene needed help to keep her son aliveThat’s where Diane stepped in.

By becoming baby Jamesly’s Angel, Diane made a commitment to cover the cost of food and water for Jamesly for a year. Our team trained community health workers make sure that Jamesly receives his formula and safe water.

Diane says, “How could I say no? There are so many mothers and children in need. Of course you want to help them all. It would be great to have unlimited resources and be able to do that, but I am thrilled that I am helping Guilene and Jamesly.”

Diane is a mother herself. Her gift was the answer to Guirlene’s prayers.

Diane explains, “This was a very obvious, critical, yet achievable need. I like knowing that CMMB will use my donation to buy formula and that they’ll bring it to Guirlene and her baby.

Diane receives regular updates and photos of Jamesly. She’s able to see him thrive because of her support. Diane made a significant change in Guirlene and Jamesly’s lives. We believe that they have changed her life as well.